Nuratrim Diet Pills For Fast And Effective Weight Loss Are Now Available

Nuratrim Diet Pills – the new, premium quality non-prescription slimming product – are available to be shipped now for the Christmas Holiday Season and throughout 2012. Nuratrim is based on a proprietary well-researched, scientifically proven and clinically tested formulation which is highly effective for fast and safe weight loss. Completely based on natural, herbal ingredients Nuratrim Diet Pills boost the metabolic rate of the body, suppress appetite and burn stored fat. At the same time, the product lowers LDL cholesterol levels with great benefits for the cardiovascular system.

Nuratrim Diet Pills contain four active ingredients which work in synergy for optimum results

Glucomannan is their active appetite-suppressing ingredient. Glucomannan can absorb large amounts of fluid – up to 200 times its own weight – and expands in the stomach to give dieters a long-lasting sensation of satiety. Glucomannan is commonly used in many traditional Asian dishes, such as noodles and tofu. The second active ingredient in Nuratrim and the one that increases the metabolic rate of the body is Green Coffee, which can also regulate the absorption of glucose by the digestive system. A detailed list of ingredients of Nuratrim.

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Another potent ingredient in Nuratrim Diet Pills is Capsicum which is extracted from red hot chilli peppers and is directly related to effective fat burning and body detoxification. Capsicum is contained in several popular diet pills and is well-known for prompting thermogenesis, which is the increase of the body temperature that leads to direct fat burning and weight loss. The fourth active Nuratrim ingredient is liquorice extract. This powerful substance has undergone a large number of clinical trials and has proved to lead to significant reduction of body mass index and body fat. Liquorice extract can also increase the metabolic rate and is conducive to lowering LDL cholesterol levels.

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